Probably not supported by SANE. Full TPU support negative and slides at 24 or 48 bits. Unsupported at the moment. Product id 0x is unsupported but may be supported by the genesys backend in future. Supports IPv4 and IPv6. UHB21, another type nr on the inside:

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The scanner with product id 0x is supported by the gt68xx backend, however. The backend needs work especially in the quantization code but it may work. However, it’s detected as mass storage device so just mounting it is reported to work. Not supported by SANE.

SANE: Supported Devices

Comments You have to log in first to leave a comment. Sold by Aldi and Tchibo. All asrrascan and mode supported, calibration is available, front- and backside side-by-side, with backside mirrored horizontally.

Please consult the manpages and the author-supplied webpages for more detailed and usually important information concerning each backend.


BearPaw TA Pro. For an explanation of the tables, see the legend. Fast download Slow download. One report that it crashes the computer. Slow download 9 min. All major scanning-related features are supported except for IPU.

UMAX – همه شماره های مرجع – 1

See link for details. Backend for testing frontends. Transparency adapter completely untested.

Full TPU support negative and slides at adtrascan or 48 bits. All resolution and mode supported, front- and backside side-by-side, with backside mirrored horizontally. While an external binary-only backend exists, it works only on Linux i One bulk-in, one bulk-out and one interrupt endpoint. Same as and but includes a TA.

We recommend to update your browser or try another one. In this case it could be supported by the mustek SCSI backend. See link for device data. Certain non-scanning features, such as those related to scanner maintenance, are not supported.

Network access to saned servers Comment: Work on a backend has started, contact the author for atrascan see link. Binary, Despeckle, Deskew, Cropping, Calibration, other resolutions.


همه شماره های UMAX مرجع – Diplotop

Supports 75,x dpi resolutions. Can be used to access any scanner supported by SANE over the net.

Multiple cameras supported by the gphoto2 libraries Comment: Apparently all other devices are re-badged Artec scanners. If you do not have a login yet, sign up.

FREE download astarscan min. Reads PNM files Comment: Only scanners with product id 0x will work; try the gt68xx backend, if your scanner has product id 0x