Seems like none of the new platforms intro’d this year have had a good start but at least is on sale now. Skip to main content AMD’s Steamroller architecture will offer tweaks to improve the performance of Bulldozer and Piledriver while reducing power consumption. Hearing different things on the web I was very interested in this processor. Specifically, it seems that many Alex, et al don’t understand, as I also did not at first, that WT cache policy applies to all caches , which means that when the WCC buffer overruns that the output is written both to the common L2 cache and also to main memory with its clock cycle latency. On a last note: Except for all those people who make a living doing stuff like encoding and rendering, and all those people that play games.

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Would you mind to share your detailed MiArch comparison manuals with us? Most of the people posting dont really care about their lightbill multi gpu, plethora ipledriver fans and watt PSUs so why are people complaining that much?

BD architecture looks interesting and innovative.

Trinity (Piledriver) Integer/FP Performance Higher Than Bulldozer, Clock-for-Clock | TechPowerUp

I would to see more gaming benchmarks. Hi, thanks – I see now what you mean. In other words, the limit on these memory fill operations is not CPU execution rate but rather something else.

Could that be it? Does it impact much the speed for you? AMD was pretty honest when it described the performance gains FX owners can expect to see from this update. Remember “two is better than one”, time will come when computers will recognize that 1 is not 2, more sensible.


The AMD FX (Bulldozer) Scheduling Hotfixes Tested

The sheer size of the caches in BD is simply inadequate bulldzoer compensate for the poor overall design. October 17, Based on this review, it’s hard to justify upgrading from my Phenom II especially when my PC is used mostly for gaming.

And then Piledriver will come in, replacing the FX as vor flagship and be so far up intels smoke pipe, that they sit there and think WTF just happend here. This may be a bottleneck when both cores are active and when frequent jumps produce bubbles in the pipeline.

Specifically, it seems that pilledriver Alex, et al don’t understand, as I also did not at first, that WT cache policy applies to all cacheswhich means that when the WCC buffer overruns that the output is written both to the common L2 cache and also to main memory with its clock cycle latency. The hardware locality project[1] attempts waut deal with this to an extent, but so far it is only really used by a few, although it has been rolled into OpenMPI.

Piledriver is due out Q1 next year, I’m thinking that either. That is, after all, why AMD is still in business.

AMD’s FX-8350 analyzed: Does Piledriver deliver where Bulldozer fell short?

This causes an extra transport delay between the floating point vector unit and the integer vector unit. I am not an expert in cache performance so I will not comment on that.

The one thing i notice most in pilledriver picture is the tiny text at the bottom saying “based on AMD projections using digital media workload” to me that makes me think in most bulldpzer there will possibly be no performance increase.


On a last note: Let’s show this by changing the array to an array of chars as follows: Since much more BD instructions cor single-mop the most used ones in my experience and my analysis compared to Intel, wouldn’t it make for a much better decoder throughput than Intel, if they had a one?

Andrew Cunningham Andrew wrote and edited tech news and reviews at Ars Technica from towhere he still occasionally freelances; he is currently a lead editor at Wirecutter. When it finds a double instruction in the first of the 4 lines, and single instructions in the next two lines, it will generate Do you think AMD will add a trace cache to fix the bad dual-core decoder throughput like intel did? Store forwarding stalls of piledriver – A – According to AMD’s slides and analysis by the Tech Report ot, the latest revision to the Bulldozer wwait should boost overall performance while reducing power usage.

I guess it works like this: To compensate for the higher power consumption required by the decode hardware, AMD has taken steps to streamline the shared FPUs to reduce the amount of transistors the units need without impacting performance.

Now the Bulldozer is the first hulldozer processor to implement this feature.

I don’t think so. The most notable points are.