Coolpix cameras , other camera brands, your latest cool photography gadget, computer stuff and other photography related issues that don’t fit in the Vintage Kodak and Nikon DSLR forums. Let me know what you can so that I can fix this problem and get this scanner up and running on my computer. Gear of the year – Jeff’s choice: I even booted into Ubuntu – same problem. Randy — thank you in particular for letting me know about Nikon Scan 4. Beginning to wonder if the scanner was broke, I tested it with my old XP system. Posted July 8,

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William Look also at this thread. PM me for your answer. Purchasing a refurbished Nikon P from Nikon’s website.

Nikon Coolscan, Nikon Scan, Driver: 64 bit Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Your system will restart and after a while you’ll get to this option screen. I would greatly appreciate the help. On paper, making a Coolscan work with a bit Windows 7 system should be a walk in the park. I suspect that, as long as there is legacy scanner equipment being used, there will be a din for older machines running historic software You can re-install it after these procedures.

Nikon Coolscan in 64 bit Windows 7 Success

This is not my own discovery, but Nikon is not admitting or supporting it, and it deserves to be more widely realized. These entry level cameras should be easy to use, offer good image quality and easily connect with a smartphone for sharing. You can check Current Firmware available for Nikon Products to see if your scanner is listed. I found the help I needed at http: I have successfully achieved getting my LS scanner to work with Windows 7 64bit! I’m using Nikon Wln 4 4.


Nikon Coolscan III, how can I make it work with Windows 7?

We will detail how that can be accomplished below. I opened it up to clean it and the images look great. Share This Page Tweet. When younger I reveled in challenges like that — now, such challenges are just a burden.

I first started using the scanner in so as far as I am concerned any scan I get from it is a bonus.! It has worked great with iwn I’ve tried on it. Having installed any of the above drivers, you can even install and use NikonScan just make sure that you uncheck the scanner drivers during the setup process.

Getting your Nikon Coolscan to work on W7 x64 – Windows 7 Help Forums

JDMvWFeb 18, Nikon coolscan V ED driver for windows vista bit. Based on the reading I’ve done, I’m inclined to believe the same incompatibility issues remain with versions of Windows subsequent to Vista.


The nice thing with Vuescan is that it works with all scanners, so you don’t have a learning curve if you switch. After booting Windows 8 that way choose Search from the Windows 8 menu, enter “devmgmt.

In Windows device manager, the scanner was marked with a yellow triangle. Find More Posts by sygnus To do so create a new folder anywhere on your system you feel comfortable with. Right click this entry and select “Update Driver Software”.

I’ve been shooting some images, earlier in the week no problem with the card and transferring to the computer with the USB cable The Nikon website was unclear as to whether it is compatible. It is easier than it seems and it works.

I didn’t really think of this route when I realised that Nikon had dumped the program when the Mac OS moved on and had left me high and dry with my Coolscan ED. SO even if you install the xp drivers in a “virtual pc” – a program running withing the win 7 desktop– there si no assurance that you will see sucess.