Illegal Request [current] Found an ISP irq 56 iobase 0xffffccde By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. The MPIO framework is an extensible model allowing storage vendors to develop plug ins optimized for their hardware. For HA, you need a minimum of 3 hosts in pool. Why i should have 3 hoss? If you could move over that logs and other stuff from salesforce into this bug that would be ideal.

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It looks like the DS is part of the default multipath configuration. So now XenServew discovering my DS Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Standby paths must be listed in decreasing order of preference i. Posted September 10, No such file or directory. See full activity log. I set up a mock test environment to test the the filtering by PCI device.

Joe Please attach the latest multipath. If not you’ll need to take apart your config, check any mulripath, and acquire the manual to determine it’s opinion on what the multipath.

Bug # ” IBM DS Will Not Bring Up Second Path” : Bugs : multipath-tools package : Ubuntu

You need to log in to change this bug’s status. Are all LUNs using the same preferred path? If yes, you cannot use RDAC module. This policy represents the simplest form of multipathing to failover from one active path to a failover path in the case of loss of a failure of a device connecting the Windows Server to the storage array. Fc controllers has double port,conection it is on cross.


You can move a LUN between controllers, but this will result in the DS complaining if a volume is left on its non-preferred controller. If one or more of the primary paths become available, DSM will start using them standby paths in their order of preference.

However when we tried testing failover using a scsi “delete” of the primary member. It is core to the design of HA. It will not work for rdac module. Post as a guest Name. Am unsure about correct dss3400, but multibus is definitely wrong as it will send IO to the passive controller and cause path thrashing. This little direct me to right road.

I think something problematic in HA functionality, but i have aby idea what it is I have no idea what kind of test should be done to verify which host type are most reliable.

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Attached scsi generic sg3 type 0 A set of paths are configured as active and a set of paths are configured as standby. De3400 Cannon Master 1, Citrix Employees 4, posts.


Multipathing Support in Windows Server 2008

Create SR pool and everything is correct. Changed in multipath-tools Ubuntu: This policy assigns a weight to each path; the weight indicates the relative priority of a given path. Using the standard configuration of multipath, I’ve seen that one controller offers one Lun as active and one as ghost, the other controller do the same think.

There are no bugs in LVM filtering, simply execution issues. The config file parser is trying to load a shared library based on the name you specified, and that generated library name does not exist.

The most funny, I don’t know who address question. Currently all paths are active.