Being a student in Isparta is a bit boring. If you are looking for a nightlife, maybe it’s not your place. There’s also a street named as ‘The Cafes Street. If you like Turkish cousine, then you’d be pleased in this city. Is there any advice you can give? What is it like to live in Isparta?

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Share your Erasmus Experience in Isparta! Wait a moment, please Run hamsters! An ethnography museum, a democracy museum and an ;isi museum in the city. Erasmus experiences IspartaIspartaTurkey. I highly recommend it. Erasmus students in Isparta View all Erasmus in Isparta. If you are looking for a nightlife, maybe it’s not your place.

What is the food like? You just take a bus in the city center and after 15 minutes, you’ll be at the campus. You can find places but I’m not the right person to ask this. And there is a few bars but people are mostly pleased. It’s the best pizza that is made in the Isparta. It’s cheap and the transportation is easy. Experience in Isparta, Turkey by Bilge.


Oyun ve bilgisayarın uyumu

What are your favourite dishes? But if you are looking for new places to visit and you like small cities, then you’ll totally love it. Rate different characteristics and share your experience.

There are lots of doner shops, pita restaurants and the other kind of restaurants. In addition I like eating at Pasaport Pizza. I like eating outside time to time.

I think it’s quite the opposite. Isparta is a easy, cheap and lovely city. Isparta is a really small city and there’re not a lot of things to do.

Exper Bilge PC Driver

View all Erasmus in Isparta. But even thoug it is small, the city’s pisk. You can also go to a regular Burger King or McDonald’s. Is the nightlife good in Isparta? It does not cost a lot.

Experience in Isparta, Turkey by Bilge | Erasmus experience Isparta

Because there’re not so many things to do. I definitely recommend it. But some departments prepare different activities, mine never did FYI, so you can have good times with your friends. Would you recommend it?


You can also find lots of cafes that has breakfast and brunch services. The city is lovely and easy to live in. You can find lots of accommodation but the rents are a bit expensive for us.

So you may happen upon roses at any corner. There are lots of lakes around the city, so you can visit anytime.