It’s high time we do a status update on the project as many things have been going on since the last news heading. The software is sub par: Good luck finding the linker cable. Also, the win32 version no more relies on the official drivers from Flash2Advance for firmware uploading. I knew it was a flash cart at the time, but it had no USB port or card slot so I couldn’t mess with the contents inside. While simple, it aims at being a complete and reliable source of information.

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if2a, the Intelligent Flash2Advance software

The hardware has a real-time clock rtc, uses low power consummation, has a cheat function, and the linksr save battery is the same as the original F2A, meaning you will never have to recharge it until the day it dies and that is arround 3 years from now.

As Pogoshell becomes better compatible with other newer carts, the Flash2Advance is loosing most of its advantages.

Find More Posts kinker TigerPrawn. Keep in mind that bugfixing is all the more efficient as users report the problems they encounter! GB Bridge is also an added bonus. Night Fisher’s System Specs. Jun 16, Awesome I never even thought of that! Even more luck getting it to operate on anything newer than windows And if it actually worked! Do you already have an account?


F2A drivers all worked in XP to my knowledge, as all those devices were released long after 98 was obsolete. How to tell which PSX parallel devices can be flash2advace with Unirom. I knew it was a flash cart at the time, but it had no USB port or card slot so I couldn’t mess with the contents inside.

This subreddit is for the discussion of all things related to the Nintendo Game Boy. Jun 30, Online Stores and Purchases. Further work is still needed though, but the basic functions for Pro carts should be working.

This bugfix release 0. JakobAir Apr 3, Without Pogoshell, this cart’s official software really falls apart. None of these cables are universal.

Flash2Advance Parallel to USB

Where to Buy F2A Ultra. Kinda pricey, but well worth it. Looks like a flash2advance without the sticker.

Our sister subreddit flasu2advance those who wish to buy and sell modded Game Boy systems! JakobAirApr 3,in forum: The loader is a bit ugly, and it isn’t the best software out there, but it will do the job.


FlashAdvance Linker F2A

Move games from PC to cart. Project status and update May, 9th Despite the hardware, the Flash2Advace has got some really good software, like the feature filled flashing software called “Little Writer” only available with the parallel linker F2A, not the USB F2Aor the Operating System style program called “Pogoshell”.

It works just like WinAmp, you have a play list where you can select your songs. New options are now available that allow to add and remove roms on the fly.

This is another bugfix release: Flash2Advance Ultra The Flash2Advance Ultra likner a revolutionary flash card that brought a lot of excitement with it when it first came out.