Gainward have apparently acknowledged the problem. For SEK less you can purchase a Radeon which outperforms the Ti 8x in all tests and also boasts features the Ti 8x does not even support. Different heatsink with more fins, and also there is now software in the box. Concerning the Tix you should require 3D-glasses, ViVo and Firewire in order to motivate a purchase of this card. Hard locks in games, and just now I got the dreaded pixelated ugliness crash just while browsing the web.

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Gainward Ti problems!! – Ars Technica OpenForum

Mon Nov 04, 7: I would always throttle the card down after a lock though. Thu Oct 31, 5: Jul 27, Posts: The rest of the card’s name is determined by whether it is a MX or a regular GF4; in the case of an MX the card is referred to as a “Pro” otherwise it is an “Ultra. Soo, I’ve obviously gainawrd series of different Nvidia Drivers.

So i called gainwrd and got me an RMA number! Still there remained a problem with the refresh rate which was locked to 60Hz.


Gainward GeForce4 Ti The First Retail

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate NewEgg’s excellent customer service! Champlain Valley VT Registered: Sometimes as little as once a week, but 3 to 5 times a day also.

As usual it looks like Gainward went that extra bit further than most manufacturers and are thinking of all types of users. Sun Nov 03, 3: However, from their driver download page their appear to be two PCBs: Gainward have apparently acknowledged the problem. They deliver to you on Sunday?

Index Looks like a GeForce Mar 18, Posts: Nowadays Gainward products are seen as high quality offerings with that something extra whether it is faster onboard memory than their competitors or that eye-catching red PCB. I dont know the specifics in which revision they’ve fixed the problem. Yep, a ton of people, including me, have had that exact same problem.

Mon Nov 04, 8: It’s of little surprise that the any manufacturer, almost irrespective of the field gainwafd which they operate, sells the bulk of their products at what is perceived to be a low-to-mid price. Hopefully NewEgg will refund the shipping charges and give me a different card.


I’ll let you guys know how this Albatron card is that I ordered — Glowing reviews on the overclockability Is the replacement also cheezed? My original message to NewEgg: What was the best tech product of ? But random lockups aint my cup ‘o tea! BTW, overclocking seems to put off those pixel demons for a long time On the MadOnion fora a Gainward email posted outlined the problem.

I have a recently RMAed Gainward Ti 64MB was replacing one that suffered from hard locks with a checkerboard display pattern on the screen.

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It’s the GZA I’ll let you know how it goes though. In gainnward tests we have enabled both FSAA and anisotropic filtering. I wouldn’t mind taking this problem and making it an opportunity instead.