Archive Record Table of contents. His best-known achievement was to take the Land Speed Record in at He is best known today for land speed records set in his car Thunderbolt. It is the first time I have been in Canada. Of course there is no possibility of testing them beforehand so it is really a great thrill the first time you put out the air brakes, at , wondering whether they are still in the machine or whether the tail is being torn off.

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A couple of nice workshop pictures of Thunderbolt, revealing how the body panels were removable for servicing – something that John Cobb, or rather, Reid Railton could have learned from.

George Eyston in George Eyston was born on 28th Junein Bampton, Oxfordshire. It is the first time I have been in Canada. At the rear was a large triangular tailfin, flanked by a pair of hydraulically activated air brakes. These produced less drag than a typical inlet and flat honeycomb radiator. Collection of the personal papers of the racing driver George Eyston, including information about the cars he raced, and technical issues of the day in which he was interested and involved.

Thunderbolt – George Eyston

Undoubtedly, when going full out there is a trail of perhaps three and a half miles of this black smoke. The collection consists of six series: Second gear is changed for top just under two hundred miles an hour. This has obviously been eliminated. May I ask what was the petrol consumption at the greatest speed reached?

He was awarded georte OBE in We are thankful that thus far he has escaped permanent injury, although he does tell me eyzton has bowled over a few telegraph poles and on one occasion had to “unload,” when his machine was on fire and doing from sixty to seventy miles an hour. As well as racing, he was also an engineer and inventor, with a number of patents related to motor engineering and particularly supercharging.


Biography Biography – Automotive Births Deaths His racing career georhe with European road races, particularly in Bugattis, with success in races such as the and French Grand Prix. They are disk brakes which automatically cool themselves with the result that I have twice the braking area of a normal brake and the linings are in firstclass condition at the finish.

The chassis and bodyshell were built at geprge Bean works in Tipton. When you have got over this measured distance there comes the anxious problem of pulling up, for only six miles ahead of you there is a road and a railway at right angles to the track.

George Edward Thomas Eyston

Like disputed photos of Nessie rising from her Eystin loch, images from the early days of land speed racing show blurry capsules in grainy black and white. Mounted on wooden plinth – Mint.

I am very glad to geprge been able to accomplish this with a British car. So you shut down the engines, quite gingerly, and after a pause the air brakes are shot out.

Motor Racing and Record Breaking. It was not without damage.

George Eyston – IMDb

I do hope that the international situation will clear up and that we shall go to our beds tonight with the assurance that for some time to come at any rate the sky will be clear, because Eyaton think we all have one common aim and that is peace.


Geoge, gentlemen, I might say we are not on the air today because of war news, but I would remind georfe of Captain Eyston’s desire that you ask him any questions at the close of his address and he will answer them. He promised last year that he would speak to The Empire Club but unfortunately he was taken ill and could not do so.

I always felt, having been through the last war from the start to the finish, that we couldn’t possibly have another one, and I do think perhaps this is coming about, because it is inconceivable that people could be so silly these days; and it is really of historical importance, as you all know, that there can be such a momentous conference as is taking place today many thousands of miles away.

Within a year Thunderbolt returned with improved aerodynamics and raised its record to Hours after being asked to resign as president of the Bank of California, the powerful western capitalist William Ralston is found drowned in San Francisco Bay.

On August 27,Brian Epstein, manager of the Beatles, was found dead of an accidental drug overdose in his Sussex, England, home.

At the maximum speed it was consuming about one gallon a mile. His work on developing high-power gearboxes was important for Eyzton, along with his invention of the Powerplus supercharger used on MGs. For example, the horizontal air brakes, that look suspiciously like those used later by Ken Norris on the CN7 Bluebird.