BT is known to drain the battery. Yes the brower is hopless.. From your main screen choose the little house. When a picture is sent to me I open the message and get a white screen with an annoying green question mark. Here the phone works great but as always in Malta we are well behind everyone.

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You cant go wrong with QuadBand. Will G… vibrate is set in user profile under ring alerts. Do I have to do something special to get my phone book entry to display?


It reads no service. When attached, the phone gave no indication that it was charging, but you do see the LED on the charger dim down iifoe great bit.

Marly, I will try and be of help with the access to keypad while in the middle of a call question. I would go into each one and see if any are the word english.

iphone CLONE – iFOE P Triband, dual SIM, Unlocked – $ (Toronto) $

Is there anyone who is able to assist? There should only be three choices? It works here in East TN so I figured it was something else. The texting on it really isnt good. Be careful … Most factories will cancel their warranty on P if the system software or microcode is modified.


Hopefully you dont have ifie return your phone to china! Aug 03, Cell Phones. Any help with this would be great….

I think I would like to take the files back to how they came out of the box. You have to go to them to get internet hooked up, ask for the teir 2 or teir 3 dept the know the phone and can walk you right through the hookup to the net.

I can do everything but send text messages through SSM. Do the features work the same? My work actually got me a free one and I destroyed it pretty quick,so now I have to buy one. Email me if intrested….

Try it on another computer. The P is also a dual sim and the A is single. Jake…thanks for the information. The A is the best basic phone for most of us in the USA! My incomming calls dont display my phone book entry, instead just the number of the caller is displayed?


My phone powered up in English. Wait a few seconds then pop your battery in, turn your A on and try going online. Dont know why recyles every few minutes. Send me an email ifo zydaglo knology. In general you can only access web pages designed for mobile phone use.

SOLVED: IFOE P problem- white screen – Fixya

I bought a P and I really like it. I sat on the phone with t-mobile tier 3 tech for two hours trying to configure o168 phone.

Put a 1-inch square piece of tin-foil that has been folded over several times and place it between the battery and the case lid. How is the internet?

I have had no luck finding any source for one.