I start to tighten the lock ring in the middle of the cassette to pull it onto the freehub, the lock ring turns by hand with just the cassette tool probably two or three times before it goes solid. Work with a qualified resource as needed. Viewing 6 posts – 1 through 6 of 6 total. And what do you know Oh man do I hope this is the issue. Just seems odd that the splines on either part do not appear to match.

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Remove the outer cassette lockring, unscrewing it in counter-clockwise direction. Thanks George, lagged the freehub and cassette with grease as everyone has said the same.

I then cleaned up the cassette, greased the interface points as mentioned above, and torqued to spec 40Nm. Hi there, this sounds pretty much the same as mine, its fairly tight to get wound on as it pulls the cassette onto the freehub, just continue with the spanner and then use a torque wrench for the final bit as its pretty FT. After going through the steps described above the cassette is installed and ready for operation! Tools you will need. On reassembly I followed this cassette lube advice and 40 Nm except that I used triflow everywhere except the free hub threads – I used anti seize on those.


To install Garbaruk XD-compatible cassette, you will need a Garbaruk Inner Lockring Tool that comes with every cassette, a torque wrench and a cassette lockring removal tool. MartinKS Apr 30, at XD-compatible cassette installiny gen. Thanks, sounds like it might just need the extra persuasion then? I believe installjng the pins holding the 42t to the machined cassette body.

Please make sure that the tool is fully inserted in the threads, otherwise you can damage the tool or the lockring itself. Put the cassette on the driver body splines.

Neko Mulally Has Been Testing a If necessary, hold the inner lockring with your hand. I believe it was the cassette torque issue but who knows it may have been that bearing. Clean the dust and mud from the freehub splines and threads.

Make sure the outer lockring is screwed correctly and tighten it with a removal tool. Athlete of the Year Winner views. A cassette, unlike the freehub body, has key-less splines, and you can install it on the freehub in any position. We’re going to touch in specific on XX1 Cassette installinng and where we have commercially found creak issues.

XX1 Cassette Install / Creak Check

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Just seems odd that the splines on either part do not appear to match. Post a Comment Login or Sign Up. Misaligned cassette placement on the driver body may damage the cassette as well as the driver body.


Took me weeks to track the noise down to the cassette, which was confirmed by swapping to a different cheaper cassette.

XX1 Cassette Install / Creak Check by Nate-at-BikeCo-com – Pinkbike

One of our comments on the latest Tech Spotlight pointed out we didn’t touch on the cassette – and JaseRidesBikes was absolutely correct so here it is! Drunk Leprechauns do a great job, especially when they team up! Rockrover Apr 10, at 7: When I push the cassette onto the freehub, the splines at the back barely engage feels like 3 or 4mm before the threads on the cassette meet the threads on the freehub. Use a LOT of antiseize or grease on the freehub.

Mobile Version of Website. Work with a qualified resource as needed. Anyone know what the torque spec is, having a difficult time finding it online.

I started contemplating the purchase of a new cassette but then came across this write-up.